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Find Contentment – Self expectations

This is a short post that was born from a sporadic thought and I think it is very important to share. Sometimes we get caught up in our goals and our expectations of others or even ourselves. In this idea that we have to make more money to buy bigger and better THINGS. I want to highlight something I just read in one of my recommended books “Find Contentment”. According to study helper happiness doesn’t come from wishing to have, but from appreciating what you already have (contentment) and continuing to grow (for a lack of a better word) because of personal conviction and your own passion.

Look around and realize what you have and be grateful for it. If you need some guidance here is what I believe is a true “contentment” list that leaves all the False Needs (gadgets, new, fancy, trendy.. THINGS) out..

Food, shelter, clothing, other people, something meaningful to do, and a mindset of contentedness.

Two College Myths

Myth #1: The Job Market is Rip for College Graduates

This is a big myth in all but a few choice areas of study. More and more people are going to college these days to find answers and and the growth in the job market is not enough to provide good paying jobs for all these graduates. This means that many graduates will find themselves searching longer than they might expect for that first job, and as noted above, starting salaries are not as high as one might expect. It is essential to start networking in college, and try to get your foot in the door by internships or other opportunities.

Myth #2: You’ll Do Something Relevant to Your Degree

This isn’t to say that you will not have a satisfying career, but for most of us, we should accept that what we end up doing for a living may have nothing to do with what we studied in college. Most of us will go into the professional world in some capacity, and a rare few will do something that is relevant to their degree. The rest of us will have to be satisfied with the jobs available to us.

College is becoming more like a high school diploma. An expensive high school diploma. In order to get a decent job, a college degree is often preferred if not required. The myths associated with a college education held more true in days gone by. According to studydaddy a college education is part and parcel to a successful career life, but it is helpful to go into the experience with a clear understanding of what to expect.

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